Our Commitments

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Las Moradas de San Martín is inside the SPA 56 (Special Protection Area for birds) a surrounding landscape of great environmental value thanks to its native flora and fauna. These surroundings a natural breathing space, with a very clean atmosphere that we respect and maintain by carrying out preventive treatments only with natural products (organic fertiliser with manure, grape stems, etc.).
Only water is used for cleaning at the winery and it is later reused for watering new plantations. La Moradas is being adapted to obtain certificates for organic and biodynamic agriculture.

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Our wines are produced in the traditional way, maintaining respect for grapes at all stages. We work with low yield per hectare, seeking a balance between the vines and maximum respect for our Garnacha grapes through pruning.

100% of our grape harvest is manual, without breaking the grapes or oxidising the must, without damaging the Garnacha vines and with a greater degree of selection. This ensures our wines are of the highest quality: sober, elegant and capable of capturing the soul of Garnacha in this land.

Garnachas-Las Moradas


Garnacha is a native Spanish grape. It is the most versatile variety, expressing many differences depending on the terroir where it is found and infused like no other grape with the essence of the soils in wihch it is grown. Young vines coexist with old ones dating back more than 100 years in our vineyard on granite gravel. These Garnacha plantations express the influence of the San Martín terroir like no other, with bunches and berries that are smaller and looser than usual, capable of ripening properly and suitable for making wines of high quality with grate carácter.

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Devoted to the vineyard landscape and a lover of Garnacha, Isabel was one of the pioneers of the «new Gredos«. Since then, as she herself says, she has been «unlearning» with Garnacha – the raw material for all the reds she makes. It prefers high ground, at around 900-1,000 metres, because the pure granite soil is poorer than in the valleys, governing the yield so the Garnacha grapes are of higher quality, capable of ripening better and more slowly to provide elegant, balanced wines.
The winemaking process is minimalist to make the grape the undisputed star of the show.

Las Moradas & Literature


A nod to our literary culture through the labels decorating our wines. Literatue and wine come together to transmit the essence of our wines in the best possible way through writers like Lorenzo Silva, Marta Rivera, Ramón Acín, Óscar Sipán, Ángeles Caso…

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Our vineyard in «Pagos de los Castillejos» in San Martín de Valdeiglesias, belongs to the D.O. Vinos de Madrid (Wines of Madrid), an area historically close to its vines, where monks from the nearby Cistercian monastery used to grow grapes. These wines were very well known in the Spanish Godden Age, when there was no writer or nobleman who failed to acknowledge their fame.