Las Moradas de San Martín is located within the ZEPA 56 area (Special Wildlife Protection Area for Birds). A scenic setting, of great environmental value thanks to its native flora and fauna. This environment acts as a true “natural lung”, creating a pristine atmosphere that we respect and care for , carrying out preventive treatments and using only natural resources.

Organic viticulture

We take care of our century-old garnacha and our albillo real using the resorces provided by nature. This translates into a firm commitment to environmentally friendly techniques, our approach to extracting the best from each grape. We “listen” to the grapes when working with them, we let them dictate the way they want to be treated, from the first buds untill the harvest. Since 2017 we have received both the Organic Vineyard and Winery certificate by CAEM (Organic Agriculture Committee of Madrid), as well as the ECO-PROWINE seal, demonstrating our commitment to improve the winery’s sustainability each year.

Sustainable bottles and labels

We use low-weight glass bottles, which take up less enery when produced, therefore also reducing CO2 emissions. Our lables also show our commitment to sasutainability as they are made with eco-friendly, recyclable and biodegradable materials. There is no need for water in their production, nor they emit toxic gases.