The winery

We feel deeply commited to our environment and believe in taking care of it. Accordingly, our facilities are simple, traditional, and practical in order to respect the grapes and the environment as much as possible.

The utmost respect for the grape varieties

Our winery can produce around 80.000 bottles per vintage, but production is currently lower. An artisanal approach to winemaking is at the heart of our philosophy. To this end, we always use equipment that respects the grapes: selection table, destemmer, pneumatic press and cooling equipment. We also use small stainless steel tanks that allow us to process each plot separately, thus maintaining the necessary asepsis, a highly important factor when working with indigenous yeast and producing wines with no additives.

Traditional winemaking

The ageing cellar has temperature and humidity control. We use French and Hungarian oak barrels of different capacities (225, 300 and 500 litres), and renew 20% of them every year.

We also use 1.450 litre foudres for the coupage process and also to fine tune our wines.