Our wines

Contributing to the creation of a new Gredos. A passionate commitment to rediscovering the Garnacha traditionally grown in the San Martín de Valdeiglesias area, which we use as  the raw material of all the red wines we produce and is the undisputed key to achieve the unique flavours of our wines. In our comitment to native grape varieties, we are also currently working on recovering the Albillo Real, a varitey that has been grown in this area traditionally, but is quite scarce nowadays.

These varieties are used to create our organic, vegan wines.

Author's wines. Wines with soul

Our wines are made using traditional methods, respecting the grapes at all stages, working with low yields per hectare. We strive to treat our grapes and vines with the utmost care, so 100% of our grapes are harvested by hand. This also helps us to refine the selection process by only harvesting the healthiest bunches. This way, we are able to produce subtle, elegant wines, which are at the same time very lively and fresh and have a surprising ageing capacity. Achieving that youthfullness, that freshness in our wines has set the guidelines, and has made us rethink the use of sulphur is our wines. The mix of low yields, the sandy soils and excellent acidity act as natural preservatives and allows us to limit the use of sulphur.

Albillo Real ECO 2022

A 100% organic wine, harvested by hand and aged for 6 months in used French oak barrels. Its aromas evoke memories of fresh grapes, with an intense aroma of pears, dried apricots and sweet grapefruit peel. On the palate, it is surprisingly full-bodied and unctuous, with a mineral salinity and a slightly bitter finish, a typical feature of this variety.

Pairing suggestions

Carpaccio of red prawns with cockles and trout roe. Pickled partridge salad Avocado and marinated salmon tartar. Chickpeas with monkfish and clams.


Initio ECO 2018

The first ECO red wine of the winery. It is made with grapes from privileged Garnacha vines ranging from 50 to 112 years old, planted at an altitude of almost 900 m above sea level on granitic sandy and rocky soils, grown with their own natural, organic and biodynamic style. The mineral character of the vineyards is softened by its ageing in oak barrels, which are processed one parcel at a time. After resting in the bottle, Initio reveals even better the personality of this unique vineyard, mineral, deep and with flavourful tannins, undoubtedly the heart of the winery.

Food pairings

Eel stew with potatoes Stewed chicken with creamy chestnut soup Santiago style almond cake



Garnacha from plots ranging from 40 to 85 years old. These wines are planted on sandy soils made of gravel and rocks, and give very fresh grapes, with a fruity, floral profile. The moderate use of oak makes Senda the freshest of our wines. Bottled without filtering, nor stabilising, nor fining. The purity of the Garnacha of our terroir.

Pairing suggestions

Squid sandwich with spicy paprika mayonnaise sauce. Suckling pig cuchifrito (a traditional dish to the San Martín area). Noodles with prawns and vegetables and teriyaki sauce. Creamy cheese and walnut sponge cake.


La Sabina 2015

This is the first wine from Las Moradas de San Martín which no added sulphur dioxide (SO2) in any of the processes: vineyard, winemaking, ageing or bottling. The excellent soil, the climate, the low pH of our Garnacha, the quality of its polyphenols together with the care and asepsis make this possible. Made with grapes from vineyards of more than 70 years old, which give the wine a mineral structure, revealing the aromas of the mountain and the terroir. A different and deep wine, meant to be enjoyed.

Pairing suggestions

Patatas revolconas con torreznos (traditional San Martín). Grilled pig’s ear. Musician of dried fruits and sultanas from Málaga.


Libro Once. Las Luces

Our most complex wine. A wine that we only produce when the weather and the vintages provide us with the opportunity to make great wines. Made from century-old Garnacha, it’s unique, persistent, and terroir-based, with a great cellaring potential. A red wine filled with nuances due to its great longevity, combining terroir with a variety that has adapted to these high altitude areas, with hints of orange peel, graphite, scrubland, wild berries, and also a predominance of balsamic notes and soft wood that gives it great elegance and finesse. A vintage store for special days.

Pairing suggestions

Cod in ajoarriero sauce. Smoked veal ribs. Fabiola biscuit and cinnamon cake.


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