Located in the heart of the Gredos range, San Martín de Valdeiglesias is part of an area that is historically linked to wine culture. The monks of the Cisterian monastery of Santa María la Real were known for making wine, in fact, there is evidence that these wines were very famous during the Spanish Golden Age. Many writers and noblemen bowed down before them.

Pago de los Catillejos, a unique estate

Located at an altitude of 870 meters above sea level, our unique estate has 21 hectares of excellent vineyards(17 hectares of garnacha and 3.4 hectares of albillo real). Here, young plantations coexist with the older ones, some planted more than 100 years ago, all goblet trained and dry-farmed. An area rich in winemaking tradition, as documented since the 13th century, althugh there are some references that go as far back as Roman times.

In a unique setting, surrounded by pine forests, holm oaks, junipers, rockroses and a wide variety of aromatic plants, the soil of Las Moradas de San Martín is of granitic, sandy composition, due to the weathering of granites, gneisses, and bth phyllonian and arkose rocks. All of these features give our wines a unique profile, which is also enhanced by the Continental Mediterrarean climate on this high plateau, with abudant northwesterly winds and an average rainfall that ranges between 470-540 mm. The abrupt temperatre changes that the vines have to withstand also help improve the quality of our Garnacha.